Welcome to West Montrose


We are happy you joined. We are one of 11 Neighborhood Associations in the Village of South Orange.

We represent 26 streets covering from the Village Border at Orange/West Orange to South Orange Avenue and from Scotland Road to North Ridgewood Road.

We have almost 1000 housing units in total and 30+ businesses, religious and civic locations within our boundaries.

We are unique that we share a number of streets with the Montrose Park Historic District.

Our Mission Statement is to engage and educate residents in matters of local interest and to promote government responsiveness to community needs. The WMNA facilitates as they represent the protection and preservation of our historic homes and structures. information sharing, encourages volunteerism within the community, and fosters appreciation for the village’s unique and diverse community.

We have an active board that handles Communication and Membership, Public Safety, Community Development, Events, and Oral Histories of residents that live here.

We are very involved with the Village of South Orange Government and sit on a larger South Orange Neighborhood Associations Board made up of all 10 Associations.

We hold 2 premier events each year, an Annual Cocktail Party and an Annual Family Neighborhood Picnic. Please fill out the form below so that you will be added to the invite list for these two events.

Finally, we are always looking for new board members, if you have an interest in possibly serving your neighborhood, please indicate that in the form below and we will schedule a time with you to meet the other board members.

Again, welcome to South Orange Village, and the West Montrose Section, you made a great choice in towns, in communities and in a place that we that have been here think is a very special place to live, work and play.


The West Montrose Neighborhood Association Board



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