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South Orange, NEW JERSEY

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The guys of West Montrose will once again tour the watering holes of South Orange Village, sample the local food & drink, and take in Thursday Night Football -- which will feature a pivotal face-off between the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers.

More details: Visit the Events section of Nextdoor West Montrose, where you can sign up for updates and reminders.

About Us


The mission of the West Montrose Neighborhood Association (WMNA) is to engage and educate residents in matters of local interest and to promote government responsiveness to community needs. The WMNA facilitates information sharing, encourages volunteerism within the community, and fosters appreciation for the village’s unique and diverse community.

The West Montrose Neighborhood Association's boundaries are:
North = Orange/West Orange Border
South = South Orange Avenue
East = Scotland Road
West = North Ridgewood Road

Board Members:
President - Ed Moore
Vice President - Annemarie Maini
Treasurer - Brian Darling
Secretary - Andre Preoteasa
Parliamentarian – Mary Hermant
Board Member - John Sammaro
Board Member - Greg Fagan
Board Member - Michael Trzcianowski
Board Member - Catherine Sullivan
Board Member - Sean Doherty
Board Member - David Rubin

Events - (C) Annemarie Maini, John Sammaro
Communication and Membership - (C) Michael Trzcianowski, Andre Presteasa, Sean Doherty, Greg Fagan
Public Safety - (C) John Sammaro, Catherine Sullivan, Dave Rubin
Community Development - (C) Ed Moore, Mary Hermant, Brian Darling
South Orange Neighborhood Associations (SONA) - (C) John Sammaro, Annemarie Maini
Historians - (C) - Greg Fagan, Mark Costello



Mailing address

P.O. Box 364
South Orange
NJ 07079